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Catastrophe Field Adjusting Services

Our Catastrophe Adjusters are experienced professionals dedicated to serving you and the needs of your customers. We successfully handled over 10,000 assignments during the storms of 2004. For over 10 years Specialty Group, Inc. has provided premium claim services to our clients including TPA's Carriers, and self-insureds. We specialize in prompt and cost effective services.

We have a 24 hour toll free number for your questions and regarding your losses, talk to our customer service staff at 800-936-0CAT. Assign your new losses to us either electronically or by facsimile transmission We are standing by to serve you now.

Fax: 407-978-7210
Toll Free: 800-936-0228

New commitments are now being accepted. If you are seeking a service commitment. please contact company President Jeff Kaiser at 800-936-0228 to discuss rates, volume and available services.

Inter-Company Arbitration

Specialty Group, Inc. realizes that in today's claims environment it is not always possible to attend your own inter-company arbitrations, either as Applicant or Respondent. Sometimes lack of personnel or simple logistics can be to blame.

- Arguments presented in person are resolved with more favorable results
- The personal touch is more informative and persuasive than simple text
- Don't disadvantage your position by not sending personal representation

Save money by having Specialty Group, Inc. handle all of your arbitration files for a specific locations and hearing date. The next time your evidence looks like it is going to stand unrepresented, call on Specialty and let us improve your results. Be sure to indicate personal appearance on your Arbitration Form at least 10 days prior to the hearing.

Fax: 407-678-7210
Toll Free: 888-888-9989


Catastrophe Adjusting Team

Inter-Company Arbitration